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富士、桜、アリラン... 故郷 Medley
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Centers for The Millennium
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Freedom, and I Love You
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Uguisu no sato.ram
 John F. Kennedy Martin Luther King Jr.

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Sadako Peace Garden

Three Practical Principles

  1. Talk impressively in easy words, and promote active peace around us.
  2. Social practices from a humanitarian stand point.
  3. For peace by civility, for daily life by politics.

Five Fundamental Purposes

  1. Peace actions that our behaviors indicate.
  2. Be role models of awareness revolution for the next generations.
  3. Create new legacies of global civilizations and hand them down.
  4. Coalition of goodness by dialogues like Socrates in decaying civilization.
  5. Dedicate ourselves to what is the most important.

*   PEACE Ashram is a grassroots civil movement for cultural peace education.
*   PEACE stands for Positive essential Earth Action with Creative Ethics.
*   Ashram is a term Mahatma Gandhi used to express religious community or school;
    place of discipline and service for non-violence, nuclear disarmament, global ethics,
    tolerance & reconciliation.

Call for The Green House Humanitarian Coalition! new!

Humanitarian coalition is welcome by hyperlink exchange! We succeed cultural peace education and peace movement that can involve next, next of the next generations of youth to protect our Mother Earth.

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From Messages

[PEACE 1129] 5 Points on Our Costly Nukes

When Does the U.S. Supreme Court Limit the Freedom of Expression of You, Pr. George W. Bush?

Invitation for President Barack Obama to Hiroshima, Nagasaki, H-Bomb Experiment Victims, and Depleted Uranium Bomb Victims ...
-- Your Historical Asian Itinerary References --

     Dear President Barack Obama,

     My name is Tamaki Hosoe, Physical Therapist, son of sericulture teacher and poor villager, grandson of peasant and wooden roof carpenter, staying in greater Boston from this year preparing for graduate school, and has appreciated this great timing right after your inauguration. In this first year of historical Obama Administration right during a change of campaign also in Japan and after, I wish to invite you to historical Japan at this moment. Not only Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Daigo Fukuryumaru H-Bomb experiment victims, Middle East leukemia victims, I will show you some other resources from the view point of a concerned citizen.

     According to Chinese classics, leaders have to hear innocent and voiceless voices like that of Iraqi or Afghan orphans who suffer from leukemia caused by Depleted Uranium Bombs in the wars there. Radiation victim and survivor's legacies now have become a symbol of anti-nuclear and peace movement to young and old, domestic to inter-cultural. No American presidents have ever visited to Hiroshima or Nagasaki despite both locals and nationals invite and many international leaders including Fidel Castro did, so you will agree to be the first President, won't you? Your presidency itself being, you are making a new history, so here are your Asian historical itinerary references:

1. Hiroshima

A-Bomb Dome

(... skipped)

Nuclear Weapons and the Human Future

(Courtesy of Nuclear Age Peace Foundation)

(... skipped)

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