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PEACE Ashram
Positive essential Earth Action with Creative Ethics (PEACE) Ashram

Actions 2015 ~ 19

Dacade of Critical Reconstructionn after Defeat

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Ryoka, Tooi sekai ni.ram     Uguisu no sato.ram    John F. Kennedy   Martin Luther King Jr.

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1. Deliver the Earth Charter document in each mother tongue. Deliver it to each educational institute, and younger generations especially.

2. PEACE Info Ashram Facebook Group

3. Seek for coalition with Gandhists.

4. Network with Japaese peace activists such as Peace Boat, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Daigo Fukurrumaru H-bomb victims, etc.

5. Friendship with Korean Citizens living Japan ... and beyond

6. Educate top leaders of peace caring music, hand work, dexterity, and primitive functions. Make effort to inherit better Japanese culture such as diary, Haiku, and Go. Cooperate with each charity through composition.

7. Plant Oak Seeds inspired by Sunflower movement by Nuclear Age Peace Foundation. Oak Seed as a symbol of big planting campaign.

8. Cooperate with Sachi no Hanaduna International by the Watanabes in Yamagata City, Japan.


Underlying Motives of our Movement

Why Should We Do Civil Movement Based on Spiritual Education Now?

1. What are the Key Points of Ecology Issues?
      1-1.       Ecology Issues among Global Problems
      1-2.       Comprehensive Problems Especially in Global Warming
      1-3.       South-North Issues? How to Get Fair Distribution of Welfare?
      1-4.       Sustainable Development?

      1-5.       Ecology Issues in Civilization of Mass Production and Consumption
                    -- Into Civilization of Recycling

      1-6.       A Planting Trees Campaign Named ACORN Saves Spiritual Desertification and Ecology Issues

2. Spoiling of Moral, Decaying of Civilization

3. On Freedom
      3-1.       Is Human Free?
      3-2.       Dignity of Individual, and Freedom
      3-3.       Freedom from Restriction

      3-4.       Spiritual Freedom, Self-Reliance, and Independence
      3-5.       Freedom and Social Responsibility

      3-6.       Freedom and Equality

4. Why Do We Need Self-education and Self-regulation?

5. Autonomy, Independence, Individualism and Friendship

6. Identity Crises
      6-1.       Where is Homogeneous Japan from?
      6-2.       Identity Crises through Assimilation in a Country of Immigrants (USA)

      6-3.       Identity Crises among Diversity
                    -- in Relation with Social Collaboration, and Norm

7. Family Values
      7-1.       Destruction of Family and Community Values as an Environment of Education
      7-2.       Importance of Posture of Feeding, Communication and Humor While Eating with Family
                --- from the Point of Development
      7-3.       Human Development and Mother's Wisdom
      7-4.       Paternity, Father's Back, Wisdom, and Prophecy
      7-5.       Discipline, Moral, Spiritual Education among Family and Community
      7-6.       Obligation and Human Rights
      7-7.       Love and Marriage

      7-8.       Family, Community, and Earth Family

8. Age of Democracy, and Faith as an Origin of Autonomy and Friendship

9. Sexual Education as a Task of Civilization
     --Spiritual Autonomy, Sexual Education, and the UN--

10. Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, John F. Kennedy, and Martin Luther King

11. Religious Tolerance and Theological Intolerance

12. Coalition of World Religions

13. How to Use Music to Nurture Pure Spirits?

14. Value of Weakness and Delicacy, Value of Poverty

15. What Should Cultural Policies Be for Peace?

16. How Should Primary Industries Be for Our Survival?

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