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My Freedom Trail of Boston
A Guided Tour of Hometown Geography and History

 June to August, 2003

 Introduction    North End    Chinatown    Beacon Hill    South End    Back Bay    Research    Bookstores    References  


      "The way we understand a town is classified into three," a famous Japanese folklorogist Kunio Yanagida explains, "First one is the understanding from a traveler's view point. Second is that from a resident's view, and third a citizen's." Although it may take years to really understand a town, the author wishes to approach into resident's view because it is the third visit to Boston and he loves it. We, the international students from the world, make 5 tours to Boston neighborhood guided by Prof. Jose Calvalho, a native citizen born in Cape Cod and settled into Boston. Although Boston has many places for travelers to visit such as museums, churches, or colleges, this tour will be another one of hometown geography along with its history. Before going to North End, Chinatown, Beacon Hill, South End, and Back Bay, let us search the City of Boston in general.

      Immigrants are generally runners away from no matter what are the reasons, such as religious, political, or economical. It is famous that mainly religious refugees from Europe followed after Puritan Separatists, Pilgrim Fathers, arrived at Cape Cod by Mayflower in 1620. After settling Plymouth Village, immigrants rushed to begin developing the City of Boston settled in 1630. It is now the capital city of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the seat of Suffolk County, located in the eastern part of the state on Boston Harbor, an inlet of Massachusetts Bay, at the mouth of the Charles River. The reasons they developed Boston are supposed to be geographical, and of their rule of religious, economical, and political autonomy from the begining; suitable place for freedom. Further, it has been the model of the development of the New World as one of the oldest city.

      You have just now arrived at Logan International Airport. Anyway, let's find a good accomodation. Airport information may suggest you to go to Visitor Information Center in Boston Common park. Let's go on to the subway named T-Line.

Courtesy of MBTA
     The paper Boston Globe may be famous in the world, then you can find roommates or apartment information on it. The left is Boston subway system we take from Airport through Government Center on Blue Line, and to Park St. on Green Line.

Visitor Information Centers

Boston Common Visitor Information Center
147 Tremont St. Boston

Prudential Center Visitor Information Center
Prudential Center

Cambridge Visitor Information Booth
Harvard Square

Other resource

craigslist: Boston

inexpensive accomodation

      The themes of the author's report are as follows: Why are Americans and especially Bostonians so proud of their history and hometown? Of course, it may be because Boston is the origin of American Independence on July 4, 1776, origin of democracy, and the capital of intellect. How did immigrants and citizens develop the City of Boston followed by successful development of the U.S. in general? Why are Americans so patriotic?

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