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Essay List

Webmaster's Reviews on Amazon JP 筆者の Amazon JP レビュー集
平和神学への序論 An Introduction to Pacifist Theology
コモンセンス Common Sense     Common Sense 2
憲法9条と国際貢献 - Article 9 of Constitution of Japan and International Contribution (ディスカッション)
Wilhelm Furtwängler -- Humanity and Thought
Invitation for President Barack Obama to Hiroshima and Nagasaki, H-Bomb experiment victims, and Depleted Uranium Bomb victims ...
-- Your Historical Asian Itinerary References --
Destruction of Family & Community Values as an Environment of Education
Weakness and Delicacy
The Iraq war
Can the Power of Writing Change our History?
Where is Homogeneous Japan from? - Identity Crisis
Logic is Integrated into Higher Brain Function of Intuition;
The Author always Listen to his Intuition.
Acirema's and Napaj's Indigenous People and Cultures Excluded
- Is Modern Civilization Civilized?
When Does the US Supreme Court Limit the Freedom of Expression of You, Pr. George W. Bush?
Coping with Stress
Re/habilitation articles
リ/ハビリテーション - 機能学 * Functionics に方向付けられた全人的アプローチ(解題)
Re/habilitation - Holistic Approach Oriented by * Functionics (underlying concepts)
Problematique Accessibility in Japan (total 5 pages) 優しいバリアフリー?? (全5ページ)
Problematique society for the sake of sound youth 健全な若者の教育のための社会問題
You can do something about urinary incontinence. 尿失禁も、あなたには何かできるはず。
Therapists for Eco-Health
Right Hemisphere Syndrome and Left Hemiplegia in Stroke Rehabilitation
Never Give up Aphasia Rehabilitation, Mister Nagashima!
Alchemy, Chemical Medicine, and Chinese Herbal Medicine


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   2."IMPORTANT," ICIDH-2 (International Classification of Impairments, Disabilities, and Handicap -2) Beta-1 Draft for Field Trials, WHO June 1997
   3.International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health  (ICF, WHO)


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