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Everyone perceives/copes with stress differently. How might ways of coping be affected by the kinds of problems experienced? (Table 1.5)
How would the approach you take affect the level of stress and sense of control?
Compare “stresses” and provide a scenario to support your observations.

Going my Way as a Civilized Person

   I was young. I am not young as before, but I still feel young in my heart turning over 50. Life experiences made me stronger and skillful in coping with stresses, but still I suffer from tiny matters such as relationship with Ukrainian maid living together with me on the third floor where I home-stay, because she speaks only in Russian, in America! According to Stress in Bridge to College Success we read, author's point is simple; control over yourself with more positive salutogenic approach. However, nothing is easy in our life, and coping with just a tiny stressor isn't easy since it needs controlling over our emotion. In addition, I want to introduce another psychological theory of classification of personalities because I feel my case very much different from others who may suffer from depression. Therefore, my points will be classification of characters, two examples of my stresses, and the way of my coping with stress now.

   When we studied psychology in school of rehabilitation class, the professor introduced us interesting theory of analysis into our psych, and classified our personalities into four. One is depressive character; two easy-going; three explosive; and four maniac. The two are easily understood. Explosive character is easy to become hot, and easy to get calm down. It often accompanies hypertension. Maniac tendency is relatively rare in population, and it is distinct in the way of enthusiasm to one thing or to many things. As the test we took revealed, I am maniac. I stick to things deeply every time. I have many hobbies one of which I have been enthusiastically absorbed in at any stage of my life. I seldom experience depression, but often suffer from maniac tendency of myself. Then, things are not so easy for me because of delicate sensitiveness in addition.

   For example, when the employer and executives of my office was united against me and suggested me to quit because I complained my payment, I totally lost control over myself. Because of excitement, I visited places and organizations which would have been helpful to me, and I had severe insomnia. Officers were too stubborn to change their mind, so I had to quit. After that, many years of my experiences and enthusiasm for the sake of clients I have treated have changed my way in coping with stress. When my father passed away in 2000, I didn't suffer at all. Instead, I became stronger than ever finding myself more independent.

   The existence of others whom we can devote ourselves to is the key of me now. Always thinking of others, I can manage to cope with tiny stressors or even run away from. It is no use crying over spilled milk. Also it is no use confronting tiny matters such as daily hassles. You had better avoid unworthy stress to cope with. Instead, let us focus on bigger stress for the sake of human being. Then, it will not be your stress any more but your pleasure, you will have found some day.

Going my Way as a Civilized Person

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