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Weakness and Delicacy

   America is a country of winners. Because it is strong, leaders and people might lack delicacy and then get more hostility from other countries. I love and value my delicacy, which comes from being aware of my weakness. Further, if one feels sympathy even with enemies with delicacy, which may be a key virtue of the 21st century and for Americans especially.

   A healthy person can't understand sick one's sufferings. Without experiencing disease him/herself, disease might totally be a different world. Once one is aware of his/her pain inside oneself, one can feel sympathy of other's pain. On the contrary, the stronger the country and people are, the rougher their senses seem to be. Therefore, Americans should be very careful and treat other country people equally with sympathy, because it is right after the time of the Iraq war. Our strength and rough approach can easily be misunderstood and get a very bad feeling especially by developing and Muslim countries.

   I was always bullied when I was an elementary student by a violent classmate who used pro-wrestler's strategies. Then it was my habit that I say "give up" as soon as possible and wait till he releases me. I didn't have enough physical strength and even suffered from lung tuberculosis from the age of 13 to 15, which was not so severe though. At the same time, I began singing in a coral group. Such a weakness and my the interest in music may have developed my sensitivity which I value very much.

   However, we should be strong enough physically and spiritually to survive and win in a very competitive society, of course. I found I can't change my delicate and somehow weak character. Once I dared to pretend to be strong and really wanted to be strong, and it caused much stress. At last I came to realize that knowing my weakness well be able to cause enough pure and strong attitudes toward life. In another words, working enthusiastically as a therapist helping people with disabilities has changed myself very much, and I don't fear whatever happens even with my weak and vulnerable character. Living in weakness can produce ultimate strength.

Weakness and Delicacy

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