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Ryoka, Tooi sekai ni.ram     Uguisu no sato.ram    John F. Kennedy   Martin Luther King Jr.

Symphony 9 'Choral'-Shue-sound-and-7-29-1951-EMI-TOCE55701.ram     Symphony_9_Choral_7_29_1951-1.ram

Symphony_9_Choral_7_29_1951-2.ram     Symphony_9_Choral_7_29_1951-3.ram    Symphony_9_7_29_1951-4_Choral.ram

Furtwangler_Menuhin1947-8-28-9_1-Testament.ram   Furtwangler_Menuhin1947-8-28-9_2-Testament.ram  Furtwangler_Menuhin1947-8-28-9_3-Testament.ram

Romanze-Fur-Violine-Und-Orchester_1-1953-4-9-Testament.ram    Romanze-Fur-Violine-Und-Orchester_2-1953-4-9-Testament

Furtwangler1947-5-27-_1.ram        Furtwangler1947-5-27-_2.ram        Furtwangler1947-5-27-_3.ram      Furtwangler1947-5-27-_4.ram

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Abolition 2000
Al Jazeera English Live Stream(TV)     Al Jazeera English     الجزيرة نت
American Forests     Global ReLeaf
Amnesty International
Atomic Bomb Museum    Reference Links
Center for the Millennium (Ikeda Center for Peace, Culture, and Dialog)
China-People's Daily Online   人民网   인민망 한국어판 -人民网
China- Xinhua News 新华网_传播中国 报道世界  新華網 중국을 전하고 세계를 보도하다
Civicus (World Alliance for Citizen Participation)
Club of Rome
Daigo Fukuryumaru Exhibition Hall    H-bomb Experiment Victims (in Japanese)
Daigo Fukuryumaru, Wikipedia
Digital Archive of Japan's 2011 Disasters Edwin O. Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies at Harvard University
Democracy Now
Earth Charter      Earth Charter document.pdf     Endorse the Earth Charter
Global Article 9 Conference
Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict (GPPAC)
Global Peace Pioneers, Pakistan
Granma International, a Cuban media
Green Parties world wide
Himeyuri Peace Museum     Okinawan War in WW II
Hiroshima Peace Media Center
Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum   Links
ICAN | International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons
International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF,WHO)
International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War
Japan Center for Asian Historical Records     아시아역사자료센터    亚洲历史资料中心
Korea News Service 조선통신 朝鮮通信        조선통신 朝鮮通信     조선신보 The Choson Sinbo
ONE KOREA FESTIVAL in Japanese    공익재단법인
ASIAPRESS International    ASIAPRESS (韓国語)    アジアプレス インターナショナル
(Korea) Yonhap News Agency    연합뉴스 : 바른언론 빠른뉴스    韩联社(韩国联合通讯社)
Mayors for Peace
Nagasaki City - Peace & Atomic Bomb     中文     Korean    Nagasaki bombing images
Nanjin Massacre     南京大屠杀纪念馆    南京大屠殺紀念館 
Nuclear Age Peace Foundation     Nuclear Files   Nuclear Zero
Nuclear Free Now
Nuclear Free Treaty Organization Sign in our Mailing List New!
Nuclear Free Zone Wikipedia
Parliamentary Network for Nuclear Disarmament
Peace and Conflict Studies Centre, Nepal   TRANSCEND International
South Asia Global Affairs    latest update
Peace Depot
Peace Proposal.com
Peace Revolution Project
People's Decade for Nuclear Abolition
Public Citizen
Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs
Prof. N Radhakrishnan welcomes you M. K. Gadhi successor, India
Right to Collective Self-Defense Studies Group 集団的自衛権問題研究会
Rio + 20 - UN Conference for Sustainable Development
Save the Children
Simon Wiesenthal Center
Soka Gakkai International
Soka University      Soka University of America
The "Article 9 association"
The M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence
The Peace Museum, Bradford, UK
The White House contact ( Unicode UTF-8 )
Toda Institute for Global Peace and Policy Research
Union of Concerned Scientists
United Nations University
UN Directory     UN News Center     UN Web TV
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